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Desert Caravan

– Shop the Collection – Lookbook    The2Bandits Models:  Gabriela Quezada & Briella Sharpe Photography: Asher Moss Stylist and Creative Producer: Melodi Meadows Hair & Makeup: Karolina Bernat                    

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Loobook   The 2 Bandits     “Jolene” fall 2017 collection Photography: Graham Dunn Model:  Becca Lane Styling: Chloe Chippendale Hair & Makeup: Karolina Bernat   via  the2Bandits                  

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Bandit Diaries

The 2Bandits Bandit Diaries – Fall ’17 Shop the Collection –   Models:  Emily Labowe &  Jessica Morrow Photography: Chloe Chippendale Styling: Kelley Ash     Style icon Francoise Hardy in the 1960s and 1970s, actress and singer.             

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The2Bandits Jewelry Lookbook The2Bandits is a modern Southwestern heritage brand founded in 2008 by designer Tamar Wider. Rooted with a Texas charm, The2Bandits jewelry showcases earthy stones and plays with shapes that fit together in cohesive stacks. The 2B team … Läs mer

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Cinnamon Girl

The2Bandits  Jewelry  Festival 2017 shop     Anita Pallenberg  60-70`s    

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