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Rings Lover

Rings of Fire….rings lover…… gemstones and 925 silver .. Rings,  pendants with bold, big  gemstones.. rose quartz,  amethyst,  blue chalcedony…             The ring of fire  Love is a burnin’ thing, And it makes a … Fortsätt läsa

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Retro Touches

Romantic way,  inspiration bohemian with  retro touches. Blame it on my gypsy soul,   passion changes everything. Jewelry Sterling silver with gemstones citrine, amethyst, rose quartz, quartz, garnet ,carnelian, topaz, sapphire, iolite…..                 … Fortsätt läsa

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Magic / Jewelry

Spirits of the Earth… jewelry  with natural stones and sterling silver ….amethyst,  citrine, onyx, crystal, sodalite, turkos…                  

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Time for Amethyst

Time for amethyst…Romantic with amethyst jewelry….. Amethyst…..power, protection, wisdom….  Amethyst occurs in primary hues from a light pinkish violet to a deep purple. It is the purple variety of the mineral Quarts and it is  most valuable and prized variety. Amethyst is often … Fortsätt läsa

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Black BLANC Gold

Blanc gold JEWELRY                                    

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Earth Power

The Power of raw stones…. Jewelry.. Magic raw stones….simple bohemian… pendants and earrings with  quartz  and unpolished amethyst stones…    

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Age of Innocence

Age of Innocence Jewelry… Age of Innocence Lookbook  2014 …….The latest from Vanessa Mooney  Sweet, Sexy, Bohemian, Glamorously Rock & Roll Jewelry line….. Downtown Los Angeles…   Lookbook    Le Revolution  

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Bohemian Spirit

 Gypsy, Boho, Tribal, Free Spirit,  Rock bohemian style…….. Statement Coin necklaces, coin earrings, ornament bracelet with chains……. Silverpläterade Smycken /

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Gold 925 Silver

Gold on 925 Silver Jewelry Klassiska, Tidlösa Smycken Guldpläterade Örhängen, Halsband, Hängen / Mera om Smycken /,  mera925 Silver Smycken OBS: Snälla! Gärna länka tillbaka hit, om ni använder bilder! Tack!

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Always Sparkle

Always Sparkle  with Jewelry…. Gnistra……Smycken inspiration……. Smycken via: Navajo Disco: 1960 Vogue  

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