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Rising Sun

 ”Hause of the Rising Sun”  Yen Magasine    

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Bohemian Summer

 Jewelery made of natural materials….. Necklace with wood, shell, natural stones…..looks good combined with other materials…..wood is always a popular summer jewelry essential. Shell pendants and bracelets feels good to the touch and look stunning against sun-kissed summer skin.  Bohemian … Fortsätt läsa

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Gypsy, Boho, Tribal

Gifts for gypsy at heart … Gypsy and bohemian style necklace, earrings…  jewelry  here ——- —— I like flaws……

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Flower Child

 Blame it on my Gypsy soul…bohemian lovers….70’s vibe… Lookbook.. Lookbook..Child of  Wild  presents: Spring/Summer 2015“Ladybird”. Photographer: Graham Dunn, Model: Caroline Wilson, H/Mu: Melinda LovedeanStyling: Chloe Chippendale , Threds: The Stoned Immaculate,  via childofwild Hey you! Be wild warrior…

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Bohemian Soul

 Bohemian life… 2015 Resort Lookbook Jewelry Vanessa Mooney      Vanessa Mooney     What does Bohemian mean …   The Value….    

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