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Take a Look

Make a statement ! Take a look at silver….classic silver bracelet,   you never get tired to have them….. Jewelry           There is a voice that doesn’t use words……..Listen…..    

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Time for Amethyst

Time for amethyst…Romantic with amethyst jewelry….. Amethyst…..power, protection, wisdom….  Amethyst occurs in primary hues from a light pinkish violet to a deep purple. It is the purple variety of the mineral Quarts and it is  most valuable and prized variety. Amethyst is often … Läs mer

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Age of Innocence

Age of Innocence Jewelry… Age of Innocence Lookbook  2014 …….The latest from Vanessa Mooney  Sweet, Sexy, Bohemian, Glamorously Rock & Roll Jewelry line….. Downtown Los Angeles…   Lookbook    Le Revolution  

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More Jewelry

Jewelry Inspiration!! Se mera på pinterest blandade stilar /  Jewelry/Decorations  

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Gord Jewelry!

 Spotlight  Cord !  Always trendy and stylish! Nytt! Silver och cord -rep halsband  419kr /  Armband 925 silver, vaxad bommull

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Pearl Jewelery

Passion for Pearls,  mix of Pearls and Stones Jewelry! Halsband med odlade bruna, rosa sötvatten pärlor, svarta onyx – röd carnelia stenar/269kr. Halsband med odlade bruna pärlor, svart onyx, röd glas sten/269kr Elastiskt armband  odlade rosa pärlor, ametist stenar/289kr Elastiskt … Läs mer

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Feeling Gypsy! Lite mera bohemian elegance! Smycken med Agate och Onyx! Inspiration kulturer Asien, Indien / influenser  tribal, bohem, gypsy…                        Örhängen med Blå Agate stenar,925silver / Örhängen Blå Agate, … Läs mer

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The new Jewelry

Take a look!                                                      Nytt ! Smycken – Jewelry!! Kolla lite nytt! Klassiskt, bohemiskt, exotiskt! Smycken … Läs mer

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 Super chic Cord!!   Svart & Silver!!  Cord-Snöre / 925 Silver   Kvalitet lönar sig alltid !

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Popular Shamballa!

Shamballa trenden  fortsätter! Armband med Swarovski Kristaller, SterlingSilver 

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