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Silver with the moon’s silvery light. Sterling silver  Sterling silver is an alloy, or mixture of metals, silver is 92.5% and 7.5 % other metals. Metals gives sterling silver strength, and the silver helps the material be brilliant. This type … Läs mer

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Wear Jewelry

  Bohemian, romantic jewelry gold plated, 925 sterling silver , natural stones…..agate, garnet,amethyst, crystal… Jewelry       Keep in mind.……………          

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Silver Dream.. Precious  metal…..Early civilizations associated silver with the moon and its silver-white glow, while gold was associated with the sun. The original name for the silver was ”Luna” which means moon in Spanish. Later the name was changed to … Läs mer

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Gemstone Jewelry

Gemstone jewelry  Lapis Lazuli is a gemstone,  that could have come straight out of Arabian Nights, a deep blue with golden hints of pyrites which shimmer like little stars.The name comes from ”lapis” the Latin word for stone and ”azul”, … Läs mer

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Simply Chic

Simply Chic….. Simply chic  with 925 silver Jewelry….. green onyx and amethyst stones  /     CHARISMA…………. You can’t   buy it.  You can’t make it.  And you sure , you can’t fake it…..      

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Spirit of Jewelry

Spirit of Jewelry, class never die …. Klassiska smycken,  som är alltid aktuella  925 Silver, stenar  ametist…svart onyx……..Smycken  örhängen  här , ringar här Wild one..Wild beauty.. Beautiful ..

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Några tips! Fina, klassiska prisvärda 925sterling silver örhängen, ringar  från webb-shopen/

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The new Jewelry

Take a look!                                                      Nytt ! Smycken – Jewelry!! Kolla lite nytt! Klassiskt, bohemiskt, exotiskt! Smycken … Läs mer

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More Jewelry!

 More is More! Jewelry! Enjoy the beautiful,  for your eyes only! Fantastiska fynd! Mix smycken i  olika stilar, retro- vintage inspirerad, modern stil, från kassiskt till exotiska. Swarovskikristaller, 925 Silver, odlade pärlor, stenar………..

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The Spotlight / Silver

Let bright silver shades light up your look!    Stora Ringar,  Örhängen! Det vackra silvret! ♥ Sleta, ornamenterade,  utsmyckade med pärlor, stenar etc.                                                         925SterlingSilver Ring 925SterlingSilver Ring Smycken 925 /SilverÖrhä

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