Runway……..“She’s a rock goddess and a summer traveler,”

Roberto Cavalli   

“She’s a rock goddess and a summer traveler,” said Peter Dundas, referring to the inspiration behind the Roberto CavalliResort collection. The designer was busy presiding over the lookbook shoot in a beautiful Milanese palazzo whose secluded garden had an almost unreal, fairy-tale feel. Long-limbed models roamed the manicured lawns with dreamy nonchalance, looking fabulous in various iterations of Chantilly lace–encrusted bohemian dress…

They’ll also love the slim-fit appliquéd suits recalling Mick Jagger’s androgynous sex appeal and the braided waistcoats reminiscent of Jimi Hendrix’s louche elegance. Cavalli Cats are unafraid of mixing colors, patterns, patchworks, appliqués, fringes, ruching, and animal prints…



the60sbazaar: Jimi Hendrix:





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