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Lady Macbeth
 Child_of_Wild just released their new  Lookbook “Lady Macbeth” starring beauty Ganna Bogdan photographed by Janell Shirtcliff .

CHILD of WILD is a brand that believes objects with past lives or cultural relevance have a depth that can be felt.  In this day of accumulating ”a lot of cheap” CHILD of WILD comes from the philosophy that fewer quality possessions that speak to your soul are what makes your home and life fulfilled.

CHILD of WILD pieces are heavily researched and inspired from historical art movements and cultural rituals and ideals. We believe that these pieces should have relevance in the world and the cultures, tribes, artists that produced them should be given credit. We are very particular with who we do business with and import from and make a huge effort to buy in a way that will sustain the culture where the pieces originated. Join us in bringing the world full circle and explore cultures and rituals that share the common thread of humanity


Lady Macbeth Lookbook

Lady Macbeth Lookbook


Vincent Peters Photography:



Om ByMixzoom

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