Solstice by ManiaMania

A large part of the inspiration for our newest collection Solstice comes from the Welsh Witch herself, Stevie Nicks.

‘Solstice,’ the ManiaMania  2014  campaign boasts a Wiccan theme that is softened by an otherwise whimsical ambiance. With brightened borders, lush settings and an almost bohemian flower child appeal,  the magic of summer while introducing subtly darker elements for the cooler season it is addressing.

Lindsey Wixon wears Diana Necklace, Spirit ring, Afterlife cocktail ring, Ceremony charm bracelet, Spirit palm cuff, Rhiannon ring and Serpentine ring.

Lindsey wears Lunar necklace, Ceremony cocktail ring, Harvest ring, Sacred Circle ring, Midsummer knuckle ring, Gold Dust bangle and Rhiannon earrings.

Lindsey wears Solstice necklace, Aradia ring, Belladonna ring, Pagan ring, Otherworld Signet Ring, Rhiannon bangle and Solstice earrings

Lindsey wears Offering headpiece, Rhiannon earrings, Belladonna knuckle ring, Harvest ring, Midsummer ring, Pagan necklace, Solar Necklace, Sacred Circle ring and Ceremony ring.

Lindsey wears Summerland necklace, Ceremony Necklace, Spirit palm cuff, Afterlife cocktail ring, Serpentine knuckle ring, Spirit ring, Rhiannon ring and Diana earrings.

Lindsey wears Aradia necklace, Pagan ring, Other World signet ring, Rhiannon bangle, Aradia ring, Belladonna ring and Rhiannon ring.

Lindsey wears Gold Dust necklace, Abundance necklace, Aradia ring, Rhiannon ring, Belladonna ring, Rhiannon bangle, Pagan ring, Other World signet ring and Litha ear cuff. maniamania                

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It`s gonna be OK……..Enjoy……….

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